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Thanks for your interest! We're always happy to talk about InCord. Click the picture to the left to see our video presentation of The InCord Story. For even more insight, the links below provide details about our customers, employees, and history.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the best custom safety netting in the industry. We serve our customers’ needs quickly, completely, and cheerfully. We ensure the highest quality at competitive rates.

We create long-term, mutually profitable relationships with our customers. We view our customers as partners, and we work as a team with them to create the optimum solutions for their unique safety situations. We put the well-being of their businesses, their people, and their customers above all: We protect their world.

We respect our planet and stress environmentally friendly business practices. We value our colleagues – our internal customers – and we nurture a work culture where the golden rule is our guiding principle. We recognize that our strength and success depend on the unique contributions of each and every employee.

Our Customers - are people who want long lasting products, quality products, and courteous & knowledgeable customer service. They want a fair price but also understand that you get what you pay for. They have either purchased netting in the past from other companies and were not satisfied by the customer service or the products. Or, they may be customers that want to go with a premium service and premium products from the start so they chose InCord. Check out our testimonials page.

Our Employees - Our highly skilled professionals have more than 100 years of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, fabricating, and servicing custom safety netting for the material handling, construction, automotive service bay, amusement, and sports industries.

Our History - We will not sell you the cheapest net without discussing your application and scenario. In fact, we don't carry cheap nets. Our main objective is to recommend the most cost effective net for your application. A net that will give you the best results, for the longest period, at a fair price.

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