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455 Eye nuts
M12, M10, DIN 580

451 Eye bolts
M12, M10, DIN 582

440 Stainless steel shackle
M12, M10, M8, M6


463 Threaded bushing
M12, M10, M8

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464 Rope loop,
soft Ø as requested

454 Threaded bolts
M12, M10, M8, shaft length as needed

457 Rope loop
with nylon thimble

461 Chain adapter

453 Rings
8 X 40 or. 10 X 50mm

466 Coupling sleeve
16mm rope to rope

462 Eye

Inside eye clearance,
approx. 20 mm. M10

450 Eye bolts
M12, M10 with cable eye, shaft length 9, 12 o. 20 cm,
3/8, ½ 4, 6 inch

442 Pad eye adapter
With wood screws in stainless steel

441 Shackle adapter
Stainless steel M10, M8

447 Swivel adapter joint
M12, M10, M8

458 Fastening nuts
Self-locking (not illustrated)
3/8, ½, M8, M10, M12

459 Washers
Galvanized, Ø 50 for M10 or M12 (not illustrated)

460 Washers
Galvanized, Ø 30 for M10 or M12 (not illustrated)

T-1 Tee connector
16mm rope at 90°

T-2 Non-90 Tee connector
16mm rope at other than 90°

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