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BayNets / Residential Safety / Lashing / Personnel Safety

BayNets Installation Instructions

BNS38-C (concrete)
BNS38-CW (concrete / walkway)
BNS38-D (drain pan)
BNS38-D2 (double drain pan)
BNS38-DF (floating drain pan)
BNS38-W (walkway)
Baynets System Operation Instructions
Straightening Bar
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Use our Configuration Selection Chart (PDF) to determine which system your Open Pit Service Bay requires.

Installing Your Incord Netting Solution - Personnel Safety Nets

Personnel Safety Nets

Page 1 - Table of Contents
Page 2 - Introduction
Page 3 - Parts List
Page 4 - Concrete/ Column Mounting, Bracket Installation, Assembly of Net Arm, Internal Cable Installation
Page 5 - Cable Clamp Assembly and Torque Specifications
Page 6 - Terminator Bar Installation
Page 7 - Safety Net Deployment
Page 8 - Safety Net Deployment
Page 9 - Testing and Inspection
Page 10 - Inspection, Factors Affecting Net Life
Page 11 - Installation Example, Using Concrete Slab Bracket
Page 12 - Installation Example, Using Terminator Bar
Page 13 - Installation Example, Using Terminator Bar
Page 14 - Installation Example, Using Slab Grabber Bracket
Page 15 - Installation Example, Using Column Bracket
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