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InCord’s experienced and friendly staff is available to help you with your custom nets and rack guard systems. Help raise employee morale and lower accidents by protecting staff and customers from falling objects or stock that may fall off pallet racks, mezzanines, conveyors or shelves. We have material handling industrial nets and hardware for all warehouse and material handling locations. Our rack guard can be installed vertically or horizontally; below conveyors, above sorting lines, on the sides, rear or front of racks – anywhere you need custom nets to reduce product loss and keep people safe.

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On “single” racks where there is loading or unloadingfrom one side, it is especially important to have a Sure-gard™ mesh system installed. Protect areas of heavy pedestriantraffic or work stations from falling inventory with pallet nets.

Use Sure-gard™ safety custom nets on “gravityflow” racks where employees are working and the riskof injury is higher from excess or reserve stock storedabove in standard or push back racks.

Sure-gard™ industrial nets can be used in “flue” spaces between back-to-backracks. Many customers experience product loss when cartonsfall down into the flue space. In most cases it is labor-intensive to clean up fallen cartons. Sure-gard™ custom nets may be a good solution from a maintenance point of view.

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