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Our Story
Video - The InCord Story
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The InCord Story

Curious about who we are? Here is a video presentation of The InCord Story, giving an overview of our company - it's products, it's people, and it's philosophy. Learn what makes InCord North America's premier fabricator of netting products for play and amusement, sports and athletics, construction and industrial safety, home and garden, BayNets®, and theatrical safety applications.

Customer Video Showcase
Video - Massive Cargo Net - Cinco e Mayo
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RISE Adventure Parks in Texas

InCord was honored to work with RISE Adventure Parks. Helping turn Dreams into Reality. Check out this video that highlights custom designs for Suspension Bridges, Cargo Rope Net Tunnels, and High Ropes Adventures. This project represents years of design and development that ultimately created a highly successful and innovative end result. "When is the last time you played?"

Video - Massive Cargo Net - Cinco e Mayo
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Puebla Mexico - Cinco de Mayo, 2012

InCord was called upon to construct special cargo climbing nets to be used as an integral part of the festivities commemorating the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Puebla. This massive arrangement of netting served as a gigantic canvas for performers in this visually stunning presentation! This clip shows the portion of this large scale artistic production where InCord nets were employed.

InCord Product Showcase
InCord Orchestra Pit Safety Netting
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InCord Orchestra Pit Safety Netting Systems

Video illustrates several benefits of InCord's Orchestra Pit Safety Netting Systems, pre-installation planning, and installation process details. Theatrical Safety Netting protects both performers and musicians from falls and injuries while maintaining acoustical transparency.

Access more complete Product Literature here.

BayNets® Safety  Systems - Standard Installation
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BayNets® Safety Systems Installation

Full video of the standard installation procedure for BayNets® Safety Systems. These Open Pit and Service Bay safety systems help you meet OSHA regulations while protecting your personnel and property. Custom configurations can be made to best fit your needs.

Access more complete Product Literature here.

The Elevating Rack Guard by InCord
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InCord's Elevating Rack Guard Systems

Offering easy operation, the Elevating Rack Guard gives the same levels of performance and safety to material handling rack systems, protecting both personnel and product.

Access more complete Product Literature here.

InCord Cargo Lifting Net Systems
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InCord's Cargo Lifting Net Systems

Lift Nets from InCord are constructed for superior durability. Knotless High Tenacity Polypropylene netting eliminates the stresses of stitched construction found in conventional web nets. See how our net's unique design helps keep your load balanced and safe in this product demonstration video.

Access more complete Product Information here.

How-To Videos
InCord Cargo Net Construction -
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Cargo and Climbing Net Construction

Even today, with automation and mass production methods for almost every manufacturing process, some things cannot be built by machine. There is still a place for careful craftsmanship.
Watch this interesting video of the construction process used in handcrafting InCord Cargo Climbing Nets from Polyester Rope.

Video - Lashing and Attaching Cargo Nets
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Lashing and Splicing for Cargo Nets

How-To video showing methods and techniques for lashing and attaching Cargo Nets to supporting structures such as racks or playground frameworks. Attachment is just as important as the net itself in maximizing usefulness and longevity of Cargo and Climbing nets. Technique for splicing lashing rope sections is also shown.

Safety Netting - Border Lashing and Joining
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Lashing and Joining Netting Material

How-To video showing methods and techniques for lashing netting material to border ropes or other border materials. Seeing the process greatly aids in understanding. Also shown is a similar lashing operation used to join two pieces of netting to each other.

A PDF sheet showing details of many of these techniques can be downloaded here.

Nets in The News - Yesterday and Today
Netting in History - Golden Gate Bridge
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Safety Netting History - Bridges

Interesting historic video footage of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge construction. Techniques may have changed, materials have improved, but the efforts of today's safety pioneers continue to prevent lost lives and property damages. InCord is proud to carry on and contribute to safety innovations in the Industrial and Construction industries - we make your world safer.

Nets in the news - PA worker saved from fall
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Netting Saves Sandblaster

AP story from August 2010 about the rescue of a sandblasting worker who fell 50 feet into a safety net. He had been sandblasting under the bridge when he lost his footing.
Fall protection systems frequently save workers from potential tragedy, and InCord is proud to be part of this industry.

Netting in History - Avalanche Containment
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Holding Back Avalanches - with Netting!

This video shows an interesting approach to avalanche containment. Utilizing wire rope nets and steel wire mesh with special anchoring systems, such protective structures have been employed for over 50 years. While these are not InCord products the video certainly demonstrates how versatile netting can be, providing solutions that cannot be implemented with other materials.

Safety Nets Score Hockey Goal
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Safety Nets Score Freaky Hockey Goal!

One of the strangest hockey goals you will ever see was scored in Detroit January 18, 2014 in a match between the Detroit Red Wings and Los Angeles Kings. In the final minute of the third period Red Wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall fired a puck at the net which was deflected into the safety netting behind the end glass and rebounded, hit Kings' goalie Jonathan Quick in the back and went into the net.

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