Huffington post reports German industrial designer Konstantin Grcic has been awarded as Designer of the Year by Design Miami. His work includes a unique project called Netscape.
InCord Netting - Konstantin Grcic Designer of Year
Quoting from the story: “Motivated towards “defining function in human terms”, it is no wonder Grcic earned the award which honours only the very best established designers who have truly made a mark on design history. Challenging the traditional notions of being seated: Grcic’s design rejects the idea of a static body, encouraging engagement and interaction with the surroundings creating an installation within the chair itself.” Review the full Huffington Post story at

Netscape makes use of netting in a truly innovative way, creating a landscape of seating from InCord netting material. Below is an interview with this award winning designer, showing more detail about his work, and Netscape in particular.