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Customer Story – InCord nets on the job

Check out this story from one of our customers whose InCord netting system caught 12 cubic feet of concrete. See the whole letter below:

“If you recall, I spoke to you almost two months ago regarding the netting system that I purchased for a project in Puerto Rico…

Well I’m just writing to let you know how your netting system is working.

Enclosed are some photographs of the net with concrete on it. What happened was that a form opened during a pour and about 12 cubic feet of concrete slipped through the opening on the form.

Luckily the investment for the net paid off, since it caught most, if not all, of the concrete. Were it not for the netting system, there would have probably been more than 10 vehicles that would have sustained major damage (concrete would have fallen more than 100 feet down to the street) as well as pedestrian in the area.

Thanks to Incord we didn’t have that problem.

By my estimates there was more than 1800 pounds of concrete on the net, and it held pretty well with no problem. There was only very minor damages on the net that occurred when we tried to remove the concrete from the debris netting since it had cured overnight adhering to the net.

From where the form opened to where the net was placed was about 23 feet vertical drop. Well, I just wanted to thank you for providing this system.

Thanks again”

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