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Meeting InCord’s electric needs – with clean, renewable sun power!

InCord turned away from the electric utility grid this spring and emerged as their own producer of sustainable electric power with simply and literally the throw of a switch. Over the winter, the company installed 504 Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on their south facing roof. In just three short months the matrix of panels were installed, inspected and switched on.

InCord Custom Nets - Photovoltaic Solar Panels

InCord’s Photovoltaic Solar Panel Array
InCord’s new rooftop mounted photovoltaic solar panel array

With a rated capacity of 120 kilowatts the PV solar electric system produces enough energy to meet 90 percent of the company’s yearly energy needs and 100 percent of all electric usage. The new system actually generates more electric power than the company can use. Working in reverse flow, the electric utility purchases all surplus electricity through the same power lines previously used by InCord to purchase power.

Through a PC interface, the PV system monitors a number of it’s own parameters, logging the performance of all panels continually as well as the management of system power to and from the facility. The entire solar system is high tech, low to no maintenance, and a sustainable game changer for a business like InCord.

With the estimated 25 year life of the system, the payback from pollution free solar generated electric power will be greater than investment, let alone a carbon savings for the environment.

At InCord the PV solar achievement and the concept of sustainability represents not only a commitment by the owners, but also and a commitment from the employees whose collective work fosters everything from Green thinking to customer care, to personal well being. No wonder InCord continues to place in the high ranks of Connecticut’s top employee rated businesses.

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