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Slappyball Club

Charles, Not sure if you remember or not, but I ordered some nets from you back in August for our new Slappyball goals. I promised to send you some pictures of the goals with the Incord custom size nets for your web site. I am pleased to tell you that Incord Nets were used on the Slappyball goals that were used for Slapfest 2006, World Slappyball Championships. The event took place on Saturday, Sept 2 in Lexington, KY and was a huge success! We received many positive comments from players and fans alike on the appearance, strength, and durability of the new black Incord nets!!! I would like to thank you, Charles, for all of your help with the net sizing and ordering! This was the first net I had ordered, and your help and patience made the process very easy. The nets arrived quickly and looked great. With your help, Slapfest 2006 was a success! Thanks again!


Amazing Butterflies Exhibit

Dear Amazing Butterflies Development Team, I am writing to thank everyone who helped us create Amazing Butterflies, our newest and now largest interactive educational exhibit. I have attached my standard opening weekend photo montage giving a glimpse of what we've created. I apologize in advance for no photos inside the butterfly house since the change in temperature and humidity caused instant fogging to the camera lens and my glasses which never seemed to have time to acclimate. I assure you it was spectacular.

The Natural History Museum, London

I would first like to thank Mike Sarna at the Natural History Museum for conceiving the Butterfly House and Interactive Maze combination and bringing Minotaur to the museum's attention. And then for championing the concept with the help of Grant and the NHM team through the labyrinth of issues and obstacles, planning and permitting, the Council, H & S, BSI and untold other acronyms. I want to thank Grant and Hannah for their tireless attention to endless details and basically making the project happen on schedule - no small feat. To Alex for her programmatic and interactive concepts and delightful prose. And Rob for overseeing the transformation from bog to botanical beauty. I'll add Nick, Bren and Easy Tiger here as the talented creators of the original concept layout to the final graphic treatment which all turned out beautifully. And to John, Joe and Tom I owe a great deal of thanks for eleventh hour engineering heroics and continuing support. It's been a pleasure working with all of you.

Minotaur’s Team

As always, our corral of brilliant designers, fabricators and suppliers are at the heart of all of our exhibits. I'd once again like to thank our long time partners at Cymco, Reid Signs, TechJet, BP Sales, Stella Color, Commercial Crating, Extreme Logistics, Ryerson, Northwest Playground, Promo Wheels, Keltech, Colortech, Insurance Services, Steve Loitz and InCord. Plus designers Rachel and Linda. Special thanks for services beyond the call to Dustin, Lucienne, Perry, Mark Colombino, Frauke, Sam and Dallas. In this list I'd like to introduce and welcome a new contributor to this exhibition, Robert MacDonald, sculptor and fiberglass artist, for aiding our continued evolution; and Sally, Peter and Larry at Salmon Bay Terminals for helping us handle a little larger exhibit than our cool new space can fit. Thank you also to those who helped bring Amazing Butterflies to London (and hopefully back safely) - Transgroup Worldwide, Roanoke Trade and Charles Kendall Freight. And of course none of this would have happened without Kevin spearheading fabrication, Jae orchestrating install, and Greg running Minotaur in my project-centered absence. ... To all of you, my sincere thanks. Enjoy the pictures! 


Good morning Charles, Rcvd the netting last Thursday...installed it Friday. ATCH is a picture of how it turned out. Granted it's hard to see, however, trust me, it's working just as you stated. Thank you for all your help. Respectfully,


Dear Mr. Crawford: Please feel free to use our name for a contact, on your website. I would be glad to share with others, how you help our family. Some people would be interested in your product for the handicapped. We sure appreciate the help your company has given us. Thank you again, and have a nice holiday.


Dear Mr. Crawford: I just wanted to thank you for your help on getting the netting for my husbands wheel chair. I know you worked very hard to make the correct netting for us, and we 'do' appreciate it very much. Now my husband can go to the doctors office and use his electric wheel chair and I don't have push him with his manual chair. We have installed a hoist in the bed of our pickup truck to lift the chair safely. The netting will hold it, and lift it into the bed. After it is lifted up, the swivel on the pole will turn into the bed. It is all electric, and runs straight from a battery. When I get a chance, I will send you a picture of the whole setup. Thank you again, and we wish you and your family a "Merry Christmas" and a "Happy New Year". You have made it a very good Christmas for us, too. May you have a 'great day'.


We had an order that we needed to expedite, and you all made it happen for us! Thanks for going above and beyond to help us meet our deadline and for helping us keep our client happy. You guys rock!!

Amy (Challenge Course Customer)