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Washington’s Seventh Annual Home Makeover uses InCord netting

InCord Indoor Netting - DC Design House Sketch
How do you make a dream house even dreamier? Make it a DC Design House. As part of the seventh annual event, which raises money for Children’s National Medical Center, some of the area’s best designers renovate every nook and cranny of some of Washington’s finest living spaces. This year’s makeover is a 1929 Forest Hills Colonial.

More than 30 designers have one month to transform 28 spaces — from hallways and playroom to the kitchen and the master bedroom. For the playroom, Katherine Vernot-Jonas of Katherine Vernot-Jonas Designs in D.C. drew on her daughter’s love for playing outside and how Washington’s unpredictable winters can get in her way. To do that, she brings in elements of the outdoors by hanging a ladder and rope on one wall with a rope climbing net on an adjacent wall that leads to the outer-space-inspired climbing wall mural on another.
DC Design House 2014 – InCord Netting
DC Design House 2014 – InCord Netting “My goal here is to convey the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle for children and their families, creating an environment of well being by promoting a break from technology, bringing the outside world in, while at the same time opening vistas and stimulating imagination,” Vernot-Jonas explained.

DC Design House was established in 2008 by Skip and Debbie Singleton, principals of DC Living Real Estate, as a fundraiser for Children’s National Medical Center and a showcase for local design talent.

Last year’s event was the biggest yet, attracting more than 5,000 visitors and raising $250,000 for the hospital.
DC Design runs from April 13 to May 1 For information, visit www.dcdesignhouse.com.