About InCord

InCord is North America’s largest custom netting fabricator, providing the best in custom netting products to customers worldwide since 1995. With ISO 9001:2015 quality certified fabrication and industry-leading turnaround time, everyone from homeowners to top architects and contractors choose InCord rope and nets.

Our Mission

InCord provides the best custom safety netting in the industry. We serve our customers’ needs quickly and completely, with over 25 years of experience and knowledge behind every order. We are proud to ensure the highest quality safety solutions at competitive rates.

Our Customers

We create long-term relationships with our customers. Our customers are our partners, and we work as a team to create optimal solutions to any and all project requirements. We put the well-being of our customers’ businesses, their people, and their customers above all.

Our Employees

Our highly skilled professionals have more than 500 years (yes, seriously!) of combined experience in designing, manufacturing, fabricating, and servicing custom safety netting for the material handling, construction, automotive service bay, amusement, and sports industries. We’ve been voted a Top Workplace in CT every year since 2011 by our most important asset – our employees.

Our Philosophy

InCord was founded on the principle that a work environment must be tended to, watched over, and cared for as a living entity. We believe the role of management is to serve — to create a safe haven, a trusting environment, where employees can allow themselves to feel and express themselves honestly and without fear.

We support our team by allowing them to help create and “own” systems that address important workplace issues on an ongoing basis. We all share the responsibility to maintain that system and take pride in the overall results. In this way, everyone feels respected and empowered.

InCord also cares deeply about our planet. We are proud to be Green Business Certified. Read more about our Sustainability Initiatives here.

“Some of the greatest friends I’ve ever made have been here at InCord.”


“The core of our beliefs is that we truly care for each person and want to find that talent, and if you’re willing to put in the work – and work hard – we can achieve that goal together.”


“Because of my coworkers. I am inspired everyday by their dedication, enthusiasm and creativity. I always feel better being around my work community.”


“My manager always has the door open and encourages open communication for ways to grow and harness all the creativity we have.”


“When you go out on the shop floor at InCord you immediately realize everyone’s energy and spirits are extremely high, and once you’re there for about ten minutes, it rubs off on you too.”