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InCord helps you create a safer workplace with our custom manufactured BayNets Safety Systems® for your maintenance bays. BayNets provide an easy, effective tool for open pit safety and promote safer work habits in the hazardous area of your service center.

BayNets are designed to catch and cradle a person falling into the floor opening. They are fabricated of specially treated, petroleum-resistant synthetic web, installed with aircraft cable and hardware. Once installed, the BayNets Safety System® has a tensile strength of over 3 tons.

After installation, the BayNets Safety System® takes approximately one minute to open and one minute to close. We provide detailed instructions and an installation video that allows easy set-up of the BayNets Safety System® in about an hour.

The BayNets Safety System® is very adaptable to different bay designs. We customize each system to precisely fit the size and layout of your bay. No maintenance is required. There are no moving parts to wear out. No metal parts to rust or repaint. See our System Configurations if you are not sure which BayNets Safety System® to order.



InCord BayNet Safety Netting - Truck Service Nets

Automotive Maintenance Bay Pit Safety

BayNets® safety systems are ideal for general automobile repair ships, auto lube centers and dealership service departments – any workplace where there are open pit dangers. BayNets® protect unwary employees and wandering customers from falling into an pit and sustaining a serious injury.



InCord BayNet Safety Nets - Truck Service Net

Truck Maintenance Bay Pit Safety

Working on big rigs can pose big dangers if mechanics work in and around open bay pits. That’s why InCord also makes BayNets® safety netting systems for truck maintenance bay pits. Our safety solutions keep your people and your business trucking along without a hitch!



InCord BayNets Safety Netting - Bus & Rail Pit Safety

Bus and Rail Maintenance Bay Pit Safety

InCord’s mission is to keep all service bay workers safe – no matter what type or size of vehicle they work on. In addition to out automotive and truck maintenance pit safety netting, we’ve designed a line of BayNets® specifically for maintenance safety in bus and rail service bays. BayNets for bus and rail are custom designed for extra width and length as well as for partitions, crossover areas and multiple bay access entry. From your measurements, let our design team custom build your BayNets® system.

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