BayNets for Automotive Maintenance

Do you operate an open pit service bay? Have you installed a safety system yet? If not, consider what you are risking. One minor mistake is all it would take to potentially ruin your business. OSHA could fine you up to $70,000. Your insurance costs could sky rocket. Legal fees could spiral out of control. Productivity of the other frightened and angry employees would plummet. You could lose your business.

So, what are you to do? Most safety covers are expensive to buy, complicated to install and difficult to use. But not BayNets. Our systems are easy to use. Developed specifically for the quick lube industry, the BayNets Safety System® glides open and closed fast, so it doesn’t slow down your time-sensitive operations. And because it is so easy to use from either end of the bay, technicians will use the System every time.

Consider the tangible benefits of safety. . .With every step you take toward workplace safety, you protect your employees from injury and your business from these expenses. With our BayNets Safety Systems® you provide an easy, effective tool for open pit safety and promote safer work habits in a hazardous area of your service center – all at an affordable cost with high payback.

BayNet Automotive Solutions