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Consider the costs of an accident. . .If your facility has open pit bays, you know the positive aspects of the design. Speed. Efficiency. Ease of access. But what about the safety risks? Left unprotected, open pits pose continual risks – to your employees and your company’s bottom line. What are the costs of an accident in an unprotected safety pit?

  • Potential serious injury to a valued employee.
  • Decreased productivity among angry and frightened personnel.
  • Executive time lost on labor headaches.
  • Administrative time spent dealing with the problems.
  • Worker’s comp. claims averaging $24,000 nation-wide.
  • Legal fees to fight allegations of unsafe practices in your business.
  • Up to $70,000 in OSHA fines.

Consider the tangible benefits of safety. . .With every step you take toward workplace safety, you protect your employees from injury and your business from these expenses. With our BayNets Safety Systems® you provide an easy, effective tool for open pit safety and promote safer work habits in a hazardous area of your service center – all at an affordable cost with high payback.

BayNets Safety System® helps you meet OSHA regulations – at a lower cost than other safety systems.
You know you need to install a safety system. BayNets is the answer.
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