Features of BayNets Safety Systems™

  1. BayNets™ are easy to install—our step-by-step instructions and free video help you set up your complete safety system in less than an hour!
  2. BayNets™ open and close in only a minute, so using them never takes a bite out of productivity!
  3. BayNets™ allow maximum light and visibility in the lower bay, so employees can see clearly and work accurately!
  4. BayNets™ provide free and full air circulation throughout the lower bay pit, so employees can breathe easily and work comfortably!
  5. BayNets™ are maintenance free—there are no moving parts to wear out or replace!
  6. BayNets™ help you maintain on-the-job safety awareness—employees readily comply because our safety netting is so easy to use and they work more cautiously around open bay pits!
  7. BayNets™ are simply adapted to virtually any bay pit design because the safety systems can be welded at any level in your bay, even if the drain pan is close to floor level!
  8. BayNets™ are petroleum resistant—they won’t degrade when exposed to spilled motor oil!
  9. BayNets™ are the most reasonably priced maintenance bay pit safety systems on the market!
  10. BayNets™ are the only maintenance bay pit safety netting systems that have earned the Netman Safety Seal of Approval!

BayNets Graph Man-hours saved annually using BayNets vs. Post & Chains. (Based on servicing 5 vehicles per day x 5 working days per week x 52 weeks per year.)

BayNets GraphBayNets return $7,800 annually in productive time for every 5 vehicles serviced per day. (Based on a conservative labor factor of $20 per hour.)

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