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Biodegradable ECO2 Net: Press Release

InCord Home and Garden Nets_Biodegradable Barrier

InCord Offers Biodegradable Fencing and Barrier Netting

April 2021


InCord is proud to offer biodegradable ECO2 – HTPP knotless fencing and barrier netting as an eco-friendly netting option that installs quickly and easily. InCord’s biodegradable ECO2 ecological barrier netting material will degrade and disappear in a short timescale, leaving no fragments, or harmful residue. The white, polypropylene fiber yarn is engineered to break down to 10 percent of original strength in seven months and to totally disband within fourteen months. The mesh size is 1-7/8 inches with a 3 mm cord Diameter.

InCord’s sustainability vision is to do their part to improve the global ecosystem and to foster healthy living with no negative impact of our own.

Install this netting throughout the season, remove and store compactly when not in use, or simply throw straight into compost when it is no longer needed. Biodegradable netting is perfect for many applications such as temporary fencing, landscaping (climbing plants, decorative walls), screening, erosion control, ground stabilization, Agriculture, Anti-bird net, Home & Garden, and more.

To learn more about biodegradable ECO2 – HTPP knotless fencing and barrier netting, click here.


InCord is a sustainable energy contributor and an advocate of green policy initiatives.

InCord believes in reaching a balance between business and the environment with the daily decisions that we make. InCord turned away from the electric utility grid and emerged as their own producer of sustainable electric power with literally the throw of a switch. The company has 504 Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on their south-facing roof. The PV solar electric system produces enough energy to meet 90 percent of the company’s yearly energy needs and 100 percent of all-electric usage. The main office and manufacturing facility also uses efficient lighting and energy-saving HVAC. The facility grounds are landscaped to make the best use of shade and water. InCord is proud to be Green Business Certified.

Learn more > https://incord.com/sustainability-initiative/


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InCord, founded in 1995, is North America’s largest manufacturer of custom safety netting and a 10-year recipient of the Top Workplace in Connecticut. InCord provides custom netting solutions for Material Handling, Construction, Amusement, Sports, Theatre, Service Pits (BayNets™), Specialty, and Environmental/Ecological Restoration markets. InCord’s custom solutions meet or exceed applicable safety standards due to consistent research, testing, and direct involvement with renowned safety organizations, such as ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM. InCord also offers in-house design, installation, and extraordinary customer service for a complete, turn-key experience. InCord is a women-owned company.

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