Our Atlas PSN™ featuring knotless technology is tested to meet ANSI A10.11-2016, and offers advanced features and lower cost compared with traditional knotted safety netting. Atlas PSNs and perimeter systems deploy just like traditional systems for familiarity and universality. The knotless netting in Atlas PSNs reduces snagging and tangling problems common with knotted safety nets. The enhanced deployment and relocation of Atlas can translate into time savings on site, improving your bottom line.

  • Easier to deploy on-site with less snagging and tangling.
  • FR treatment is impregnated into fibers and will not wash away.
  • 10% cost savings on average, versus traditional knotted safety netting.
  • Available in multiple color options for special order.

InCord’s Atlas PSN – Knotless Nylon Personnel Safety Net

InCord’s Atlas PSN™ is an advanced Personnel Safety Net, constructed with High Tenacity Nylon knotless netting and finished with a 5,000 lb border rope. Atlas meets the ANSI A10.11-2016 standard for personnel nets while offering advantages over traditional knotted safety nets.

Permanent FR Treatment
All Atlas PSNs are flame retardant, meeting NFPA-701 FR standards. The flame inhibitors are impregnated into the nylon fibers, fused at the time of extrusion. Unlike traditional dip-treated FR nets, Atlas PSNs won’t lose their FR properties when exposed to the elements.
Save Money
At a cost of about 10% less on average compared with traditional knotted safety nets, Atlas PSNs deliver the life-saving ANSI A10.11 tested performance expected of InCord Safety Nets.
Full Coverage Systems
Installed as a perimeter system, Atlas PSN can surround your work-site in safety. Working with Fallproof Systems, InCord can provide a complete perimeter safety solution, custom-configured for the requirements of your job.
Standard or Custom Sized Nets
InCord produces custom-sized nets to fulfill your exact requirements, for maximum safety. Standard sizing is also available for repeatable use on more than one job site.

Atlas Knotless PSN Materials