Our Exclusive Debris Containment Netting Solution

RocBloc™ is InCord’s exclusive debris containment netting solution. Built on years of experience and extensive testing, RocBloc is North America’s leading debris containment option. The dual layer net design can contain up to 10,000 pounds of worksite debris from steel beams to fine particles. RocBloc panels are custom designed and fabricated to your exact job requirements for a perfect fit, maximizing safety and reliability.

From bridges to facades and even entire buildings, RocBloc panels wrap around the debris source to prevent materials from becoming hazardous falling or flying objects. Be a step ahead of disaster and ensure a safe worksite for workers, pedestrians and property.

RocBloc is available in three tested strength ratings for optimal performance for your application. RocBloc installs close to or against the debris source by a system of tensioned wire cables. Instead of stopping debris that is falling from height, RocBloc surrounds the debris source, holding back wood, steel or concrete spalling to prevent a costly falling debris incident. RocBloc is reusable with proper inspection, maintenance and project application analysis and approval.

RocBloc’s versatile performance is made possible by two net layers combined in a stacked configuration. These two layers are combined using a bordering technique that provides maximum strength and easy hook-up grommet attachment points.

Need total particle containment or liquid containment? Check out InCord’s enviroNet™ with integrated liquid collection systems for work over sensitive environments.

InCord Hardware

Wire cable forms a frame onto which RocBloc panels are attached. RocBloc can be ordered with all necessary system hardware. All InCord hardware has been tested and rated, carefully matched to system and installation requirements. Attachment and hardware options may differ depending on the application

Custom Built In the USA

RocBloc™ Materials