SkyNet™ Work Platform Netting

A revolutionary new work platform solution, SkyNet™ Work Platform Netting can be deployed at height, between beams and other superstructure to provide a durable walking-working surface. Ideal for stadium construction, SkyNet™ provides a safe, stable work surface where the height of the work area would make scaffolds and lifts impractical, significantly saving time and money.

InCord SkyNet™ can provide your crew better mobility across the entire work area, without the need to reposition a lift or heavy support structure. Save time and money with increased speed and confidence, and eliminate constant repositioning of support systems.

Engineered for safety & versatility SkyNet panels install between existing structural members and are supported by an interwoven grid of tension straps.

  • Saves time and expense
  • Helps improve crew mobility and safety
  • No cumbersome lifts or scaffolds
  • High Tenacity Polypropylene knotless netting
N815 BL

SkyNet™ Materials

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