Vertical Debris Nets

*Photos courtesy of Essential Perimeter Safety Systems (EPS)

Vertical Debris Netting is engineered for use on structural steel projects and designed to stop construction debris from falling. Installations of perimeter protection at the roof level and cantilevered conditions are safer and more cost-effective with the addition of vertical debris nets. In addition, optional attachments for fire protection, spark containment, concrete slurry protection, and more make this multifunctional system completely customizable from site to site.

RocBloc™ is InCord’s exclusive debris containment netting solution manufactured in the USA. The dual-layer net is dynamically tested and rated to contain 2,000 pounds of worksite debris. Panels are custom designed and fabricated to your exact job requirements for a perfect fit, maximizing safety and reliability.

  • Adaptable to site conditions
  • Uses existing steel structure
  • No impact on crane time
  • Easy to install and maintain

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