Multitude of Benefits for Your Digester System

Digester Nets from InCord provide containment reinforcement for anaerobic digesters, which convert agricultural waste into biogas, a renewable energy. A soft-roof digester tank is covered by a membrane that stretches to accommodate the mounting gas in the containment area. InCord Digester Nets install over top of the membrane or inside the tank. Working both above and below the membrane, InCord nets provide a multitude of benefits for your digester system.

Longer Membrane Life

During normal use, the membrane stretches and contracts, creating stress which over time can cause permanent deformation or failure of the membrane, requiring complete replacement. The positive external pressure from the Digester Net limits the stretch of the membrane, reducing stress and increasing its useful life.

Increased Digester Capacity

An InCord Digester Net can provide constant, external pressure across the circumference of your digester’s membrane as it inflates, increasing the capacity of your system by enabling a higher pressure of gas within.

Internal Membrane Support

When digester pressure is low, the membrane can deflate and make contact with wastewater below. Installing a Digester Net between the membrane and wastewater can support the membrane, keeping it clean and dry.

HTPP Knotless Netting

InCord Digester Nets are constructed using High Tenacity Polypropylene knotless netting. The knotless design of the net allows it to lay flat against the membrane surface, without hard nodes that can dig in and potentially damage a membrane. HTPP fiber is resistant to water and chemical exposure and is treated with UV inhibitors to extend the life of the netting in outdoor environments.

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