Crop Yield Netting

Netting for High Yield Production

InCord offers a variety of netting to encourage plant growth and boost yield. We can custom fabricate net panels to fit your growing area and budget, perfectly suited for both low and high volume harvests.

Versatile Growing

InCord netting is picked for your application and sized to your needs. We can produce netting for a variety of growing configurations. InCord can match you with a netting style and size that is ideal for horizontal, vertical, or angled growing.

No Harmful Chemicals

InCord netting chosen for agricultural applications is free of chemical treatments, which can contaminate your harvest. All InCord netting for agriculture is colored at the fiber extrusion level, making the dye part of the fiber and not just a surface treatment.

Sunlight Protection

Shield sensitive plants from sun in high exposure environments. InCord’s fine mesh screens can be fitted to your growing area with a variety of attachment options to give you maximum versatility. Hung vertically, these mesh panels can also provide shielding from wind and wildlife.

Crop Yield Netting Materials

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