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InCord has partnered with Western Excelsior in the New England states and New York state to provide exceptional, biodegradable erosion control and sediment control products. Western Excelsior is the only U.S. single source supplier of straw, coconut/straw and 100% coconut erosion control blankets, as well as Coir Logs for sediment control. Aligned with InCord’s exceptional reputation in quality and craftsmanship, were proud to present this partnership to the Northeastern United States as part of InCord’s increasing efforts toward vital environmental preservation.

The impact of erosion on the environment can be serious and potentially irreversible. Our landscape, water sources, agricultural resources and wildlife can all be affected by the devastation.

Billions of dollars are spent each year to manage the effects of erosion. Slopes are washed away by storm water runoff, channels are filled with sediment, shorelines can be altered forever and topsoil can be lost to harvests. Designers, specifiers and installers can prevent much of this destruction by using the latest developments in erosion control.

The Federal Clean Water Act requires any construction projects 1 acre or more of earth disturbance must engage an erosion control tactical plan. InCord can provide the products and expertise landowners, contractors and government agencies need to protect natural resources from land and soil loss. Our innovative solutions conserve natural resources while conserving the resources of your time and budget.

Biodegradable Netting Applications

InCord Custom Environmental Netting - Erosion Control Netting

Erosion Control

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InCord Custom Environmental Netting - Sediment Control Netting

Sediment Control

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