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InCord’s growth and success in netting leads to expansion talks.

Connecticut State Commissioner of Economic & Community Development Catherine Smith, State Business Development Manager Tricia Paesani, Colchester First Selectman Greg Schuster and Colchester Town Planner Adam Turner met at InCord with company executives to discuss InCord’s needs for a larger facility to embrace future growth.

The main focus of discussion was how the resources of State and Local government could provide support to InCord’s continued success and growing pains as a Connecticut manufacturing business and community employer.

InCord Custom Netting Solutions - CT Growth

InCord COO Tess Jette and State Commissioner Catherine Smith
InCord COO Tess Jette, left, and State Commissioner Catherine Smith discuss the stresses of a successful company

As part of an overall economic stimulus plan for Connecticut’s small and medium businesses, Commissioner Smith hopes to implement policies and strategies to nurture companies like InCord as they move forward in their industry.

Also present at the InCord planning and strategy meeting was Connecticut Science Center President & C.E.O. Matt Fleury – who expanded on their experiences as a both a benefactor and partner working with Connecticut businesses in relationships of creativity and innovation. InCord had just completed the installation of several large netting systems at the Science Center for applications of safety, theming and containment.

Since the recent media exposure as a winner in the 2011 CT Best Work Places, InCord has enjoyed the notoriety and satisfaction through acknowledgment that they are doing things right. Sure and steady without overextending resources too far has helped InCord through some slower times, as Ed Ritz co-owner reflects on over fifteen years of business.

In times of economic slowdown a success story stands right out among news of consolidation and closures. InCord has beaten the odds in Connecticut with a growth rate that has required relocating to larger facilities three times in fifteen years. Other than for a short period of time during the economic downturn of 2009, InCord has maintained a steady workforce of nearly sixty employees.

With diversified growth from multiple sectors of the safety netting business, InCord has relied on the seasonal yet overlapping demands of each industry from construction and industrial safety, to sports and amusement netting. “The netting business has been good to us over the years” said Chip Merritt, InCord CEO.

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