Conveyor Guards and Conveyor Belt Safety

To save lost time due to spillage or injuries, employers must provide a safe workplace for any one working with overhead or ground level conveyor systems. InCord offers Custom Safety Netting Solutions and conveyor guards for passive overhead protection on racks and shelves. It’s easy to install Sure-gard™ conveyor safety net systems and solid, non-porous Spillex™ liners. Our durable containment nets for storage safety provide protection for plant personnel working under or near conveyor lines.

Power & Free Monorail systems can use Sure-gard™ to reduce product loss and protect workers if products should fall. Our conveyor belt safety nets won’t rust, peel, rot or dent like metal containment systems. We stock various different mesh size openings and colors, allowing you to color code conveyor lines or specific areas. Our custom conveyor guards and netting experts are able to provide you with a fast quote for material handling nets. Send drawings along with a completed questionnaire and we will supply a detailed quotation of netting and hardware needed. All shipments come complete with installation hardware and easy to follow instructions. We are a conveyor belt safety industry leader for speedy quotes and fast order delivery.

Our conveyor guards comply with the ANSI b.20.1 standard for conveyor safety and help you meet OSHA 1926.555 (a) (5) requirements for conveyor safety: “Where a conveyor passes over work areas, aisles, or thoroughfares, suitable conveyor guards shall be provided to protect employees required to work below the conveyors.” With simple custom netting solutions from InCord, you will avoid shut downs, decrease personal injuries and down time, create a safe workplace, and increase employee morale and productivity.

InCord is an industry leader for Industrial Rack and Conveyor Guard systems.

Each model in our Sure-gard™ series has been tested under the supervision of an independent engineer using ANSI A10.11 test standards and methods for fall protection. Each test is a dynamic test and our Rack and Conveyor Guard is rated in foot-pounds (ft-lb).

Although no specific industry test standards exist for testing Rack and Conveyor Guard, InCord uses this stringent ANSI test method and a 2x safety factor to help you provide the best protection for people, products and plants. For instance, M-3000 is rated at 3000ft-lb and has been dynamically tested to at least 6000 ft-lb.

Test certificates for all Sure-gard™ products are available upon request.

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