enviroNet™ Liquid Containment

Liquid Containment Solutions

InCord enviroNet™ is a specialty debris net that offers total containment of liquid contaminants, protecting valuable stacked inventory from potential condensation damage while in storage. Constructed using a Spillex or Spillex FR liner, these non-porous materials are made of a polyethylene laminate over a polyester fiber scrim.

Two-Layer Configurations

enviroNet™ can be fabricated using a single Spillex liner, or by stacking the liner with additional structural knotless netting materials, such as M1250BK or N820BK. This High Tenacity Polypropylene Knotless Netting which supports the Spillex layer, provides the strength needed to contain up to 1,000 lb or 120 gallons of liquid.

Integrated Drainage Option

enviroNet™ also allows for channeling of liquids into collection barrels through optional drainage ports. The one-inch threaded fitting will accept a common garden hose to safely route water away from the work area and help prevent system overloading.

enviroNet™ Materials


Spillex - InCord Polyethylene Laminate Translucent enviroNet Debris LinerView Specs

Spillex FR

Spillex FR - InCord Polyethylene Laminate Fire Retardant Opaque enviroNet Debris LinerView Specs


M1250BK - InCord Knotless Polypropylene 2 inch Black enviroNet NettingView Specs


M3000BK - InCord Knotless Polypropylene 4 inch Black enviroNet NettingView Specs


M3000OR - InCord Knotless Polypropylene 4 inch Orange enviroNet NettingView Specs

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