MLB player whose mom was hit by foul ball calls for more netting

Denard Span of the Minnesota Twins is convinced that additional protective netting is in order for baseball stadiums to protect spectators. after sending a foul ball into the stands next to the dugout.

Wanda Wilson, Span’s mother, was struck – prompting Span to renew his call to extend safety netting to protects fans from hard-hit foul balls.

Quoted in an Associated Press story, “It’s just a bad situation,” Span said. “It’s just surprising that no one has gotten seriously hurt to this point. I definitely do think that they should have nets going further, you know, as far as the dugout.”

The story goes on to tell of Winthrop University professors who have documented 52 deaths from foul balls hit into the stands — from Little League to the majors — in the United States.

Other players share Span’s point of view. Yankees pitcher Phil Hughes was also quoted in the AP story, “It’s kind of a dangerous spot,” he said. “I think they should move the net all the way to the dugout because you can get those foul balls like that.”

Fortunately Span’s mother was not seriously injured.