Cargo Net Products For Playgrounds and Waterparks

All cargo nets are custom made to your specifications. We comply with child safety regulations; mesh openings must be 4″ or smaller or 10″ and larger on our climbing nets. Barrier Nets and Decorative Nets can have square or diamond mesh pattern.

How Cargo Climbing Nets Are Made

Even today, with automation and mass production methods for almost every manufacturing process, some things cannot be built by machine. There is still a place for careful craftsmanship. Click the picture to the left to view an interesting video of the construction process used in handcrafting InCord Cargo Climbing Nets from Polyester Rope.

A rope cargo net or rope netting can be used at waterparks for lily pad nets, for climbing nets to access multi level interactive play structures, and for treehouses in backyards to create “Swiss Family Robinson” style forts. We have constructed custom made cargo net systems for a wide variety of different applications, including: safety nets, climbing nets, obstacle course nets, zoo animal nets, tree fort platforms and more. InCord also provides heavy duty 2” mesh bed nets and side barrier netting ((N815 Black or Sand) for secondary layers and safety.

Netform™ cargo net play systems, constructed of 16mm steel-reinforced rope, give all of the advantages of rope and steel cable. It’s durable and tough, but it’s also soft to the hands, which makes it ideal for indoor and outdoor playscapes. Netform™ cargo safety nets won’t stretch over time, and our steel reinforced rope and hardware are low-maintenance and will last season after season.

Netform™ play systems are available in a variety of colors.
(Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Green and Tan, Tan, Blue, & Red and Blue)

Netform™ has a breaking strength of several tons and endless attachment options. You can use it for climbing nets, cargo barrier nets, cargo bridges, suspension bridges, handrails, lily pad nets, and climbing ladders. It’s less expensive than concrete and steel bridges, and a lot more fun. Standard cargo safety nets just can’t compare to Netform™’s long service life, easy installation and design flexibility.


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