Netform 16mm Blue

Netform 16mm Blue rope is constructed of six high strength strands of steel wire and synthetic fiber laid over a three strand fiber core to form a durable yet flexible rope suitable for a wide range of applications.

Increased strength and stability of each strand is achieved with an adhesion of the inner fibers by heating the steel core during the manufacturing process to form a thermo-fixed bond between the steel strands and surrounding fibers.

Additional information

Outer Layer

Polyester Fiber Braided Steel Wire

Inner Core





16 mm (0.63 inch)


0.22 lb/ft (330 g/m)

Tensile Strength

42 kN (9441.98 lbf)


Resistant (250 kLy)

Available Sizes

16 mm, 18 mm

Available Colors

Black, Blue/Red, Green, Red, Sand, Sand/Green, Yellow