Return on Investment for Baynets®

Here are a few details on how BayNets help you create a safer workplace,
while saving you time and money.

The BayNets Safety System glides open and closed fast from either end of the bay, so it doesn’t slow technicians down. Our research shows that service techs accept the system readily—and use it each and every time. Not just between shifts, but between each service.

BayNets provide an excellent return on your investment in safety.

Our studies indicate that post-and-chain bay protectors take one technician an average of 10 minutes to put up and 10 minutes to take down—20 minutes per complete cycle. The BayNets Safety System takes approximately one minute to open and one minute to close—just 2 minutes per cycle. BayNets actually save approximately 18 minutes per cycle—in addition to providing greater safety and promoting more regular use of the Safety System. And the cost savings? That will depend on your service technician wage rate and the average number of vehicles serviced per day But look how quickly the BayNets System pays for itself in terms of increased productivity.

Make BayNets part of your safety program.

We provide detailed instructions that allow easy installation of BayNets in pproximately one hour. And the System is adaptable to different bay designs. In fact, we customize each BayNets Safety System to precisely fit the size and layout of your bay.

Since 1989, we have been a resource for automotive service centers, providing the industry’s most effective open pit Safety Systems.

InCord Safety Nets - BayNets ROI Man-hours saved annually using BayNets vs. Post & Chains. (Based on servicing 5 vehicles per day x 5 working days per week x 52 weeks per year.)

InCored Safety Netting - BayNets FeaturesBayNets return $7,800 annually in productive time for every 5 vehicles serviced per day. (Based on a conservative labor factor of $20 per hour.)

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