Sports Netting

InCord Batting Cages by InCord

batting cage

Long-lasting, Professional-Grade, Durable Netting

InCord Batting Cages and Tunnel Netting is an excellent choice for applications such as a cage divider or as a protective panel. Styles can be fabricated to any configuration, indoor or outdoor.

  • UV and moisture resistant
  • Easy to take down and store when not in use

Our local craftsmanship means total quality control, fast turnaround, and expert customer service for a hassle-free experience. Let us help you with the design and installation.Complete your facility set up with InCord’s Barrier and Divider Nets, designed to protect players and spectators and prevent property damage.

About InCord

InCord, founded in 1995, is North America’s largest manufacturer of custom safety netting and a 10-year recipient of the Top Workplace in Connecticut. InCord provides custom netting solutions for Material Handling, Construction, Amusement, Sports, Theatre, Service Pits (BayNets™), Specialty, and Environmental/Ecological Restoration markets. InCord’s custom solutions meet or exceed applicable safety standards due to consistent research, testing, and direct involvement with renowned safety organizations, such as ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM. InCord also offers in-house design, installation, and extraordinary customer service for a complete, turn-key experience. InCord is a women-owned company.