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Robin Ritz

“When we take care of the process, the product takes care of itself.”


Coach, Speaker, Story Teller, Mentor, Podcast Guest

Robin Ritz, Creative Visionary and Owner of InCord, has developed a reputation for helping companies and professionals learn about systems awareness while inspiring courageous authenticity. The results are improved personal and professional growth, higher productivity, stronger working relationships, and higher employee retention. 


Learn how to challenge assumptions and find new approaches to old problems and old ways of doing things.


Prioritize and reevaluate the way you spend your time to become more efficient and less stressed.


Understand others more clearly and improve impeccability with your word to reduce conflict.


Take ownership of your motivations and actions to better lead your team to success by becoming an example of success.

Robin has spoken at conferences, podcasts, and in-house leadership workshops, sharing over 20 years of experience as a coach, human resource director, and creative visionary. Robin is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator who mixes visual storytelling, relatable content, and hands-on techniques to empower her audiences of senior leaders, managers, teams, and individuals.

For over two decades, Robin has been passionately involved with the arts and entertainment, sales and forecasting, professional development, strategy, administration, and safety. She emphasizes enjoyment of the process, the importance of play, and a healthy work-life balance.

In addition, Robin is an enthusiastic communicator and feminine representative who is making a positive impact on enhancing the business culture by identifying values and competencies. Robin has a BA in International Studies, is fluent in Spanish, and is a certified Kaizen-Muse Creative Coach.


Speaking Topics & Signature Workshops

Robin is available to inspire and motivate you and your organization.
All workshops are available in Spanish, English or Bilingual presentations.

Here are a few of her most popular workshop topics:

Robin shares her ABCs for achieving satisfaction and achievement without compromising one’s integrity or values. Participants will learn how to “show up” for themselves and build positive, trusting relationships with others.

Robin will discuss workplace challenges and trends such as modern versus traditional roles, managing career ups and downs, and self-care.

Conversations with Robin for identifying fears and blockages (i.e., being overwhelmed, procrastination & perfectionism) to establish new positive habits for success. Clients embrace new perspectives and ideas and return to enjoying the journey and seeing increased productivity.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

– Robert Fox

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Years of Experience

Robin brings her years of experience to inform and support her knowledge .


Happy Clients

People worldwide have benefitted from Robin's dedication to her craft.



Robin has made noteworthy appearances at tradeshows, conferences, and seminars.




Discover Sleepless Dream

Robin also offers personal support sessions in both English and Spanish to individuals seeking to further their creativity, connect with a sense of alignment and unlock their full potential. Through Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coaching, Robin blends brain science with creative principles and soulful practices to help you to access a greater sense of self with ease and playfulness. Learn to feel confident and celebrate your signature style! 

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