Elevating Rack Guard

The InCord Elevating Rack Guard is an easy to operate vertical gate safety system designed to protect elevated rack loading and storage areas. ERG systems feature pull cord operation for ease of use and are constructed with InCord M1250YL netting for superior protection.

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Easy Pull Cord Operation

InCord ERG systems are equipped with a pull cord for convenient one-person operation to open or close the gate. ERG can be configured for either right-hand or left-hand pull.

Drop to Close or Drop to Open

Elevating Rack Guard can be configured to open from either the top or bottom of the rack bay.

Operation Configurations


Drop to Close

Elevating Rack Guard - Drop to Close Configuration

Drop to Open

Elevating Rack Guard - Drop to Open Configuration

1250YL HTPP Knotless Netting

ERG systems are constructed with InCord M1250YL High Tenacity Polypropylene Knotless Netting with a sewn rope border which provides superior strength and protection.

Quality Hardware Components

The metal components of the ERG are designed for optimal performance and easy installation. The aluminum crossbar of the ERG gate is lightweight for easy lifting and strong enough to stop a full pallet.

Slack Limiter Option

Make the most of your rack clearance with the Slack Limiter option for Elevating Rack Guard. For tight spaces or tall loads, the Slack Limiter keeps excess netting bundled up tight to maximize clearance.

The option is designed for Drop to Close systems and is available equipped on new units or as a retrofit to existing installations.

Elevating Rack Guard Materials


M1250YL - InCord Knotless Polypropylene 2 inch Yellow Elevating Rack Guard NettingView Specs

Elevating Rack Guard Literature


Elevating Rack Guard

InCord Material Handling Custom Netting Literature - Elevating Rack GuardView PDF

Rack Guard Safety

InCord Material Handling Custom Netting Literature - Rack Guard Safety NettingView PDF

Safety Netting Solutions

InCord Material Handling Custom Netting Literature - Industrial Safety Netting SolutionsView PDF

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