Easy to Operate

InCord Elevating Rack Guard is a vertical gate safety system designed to protect elevated rack loading and storage areas.


Easy Pull Cord Operation

InCord ERG systems are equipped with a simple pull cord to open or close the gate.

Drop to Close / Drop to Open

Metal gates can only go one way. Operating like Venetian blinds, Elevating Rack Guard can be configured to open from either the top or bottom of the rack bay. The crossbar stabilizes the lifting cable while moving the net up or down for an even, smooth motion when accessing a storage bay.

Slack Limiter Option

Metal gates are cumbersome and occupy a large footprint. InCord ERG does not impede the rack nor limit access to stored product. The Slack Limiter keeps excess netting bundled to maximize clearance.

Expandable System

Shared center offsets easily convert a single panel into a full-coverage system.

Custom Designed to Fit

Work directly with an InCord material handling netting expert to determine the exact system you need to get your warehouse into compliance.

Drop to Close

Drop to Open