Outdoor Netting Applications

From football to lacrosse, InCord has outdoor sports netting solutions for any sport under the harsh conditions of an outdoor environment. We have a wide selection of netting materials and over twenty years of experience to keep your netting in the game for years to come.

Perimeter Outdoor Netting

Parked cars, buildings and people are all in danger in an unprotected environment. InCord perimeter sports netting can protect people and property from stray balls from a multitude of outdoor sports. Whether it’s single panels or complete enclosures, InCord can help improve the safety of any playing area.

Baseball Netting

For batting cages, tunnels, L-screens, dugouts, outfield or concession area, InCord has the netting solution. InCord sports netting for baseball keeps spectators and property safe and netting can be custom fitted to any ballpark for maximum protection.

Backstop Netting

Stop foul balls, broken bats and wild pitches before they reach the fans with InCord backstop outdoor sports netting. Available in standard mesh sizes in Nylon and ultra-strong Dyneema®, backstop netting from InCord is custom built to your sports field for the best in look and protection.

Lacrosse Barrier Netting

InCord netting for lacrosse can surround your lacrosse field with a safety netting barrier that can stop stray balls before they endanger fans and property.

Scoreboard Netting

Netting in front of a scoreboard can help lessen damage from impacts as well as help protect people below from falling debris. Perfect for sports like baseball, hockey and lacrosse, where property damage from flying balls is more likely.

Soccer Barriers

Keep soccer balls on the sports field and out of the stands or any other part of your facility with outdoor sports netting for soccer fields. Even a stray soccer ball can cause property damage and injury.

Related Materials


These are the most common materials used for Outdoor applications. Browse all available materials here.



371 black fr material
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301 black fr
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361 black fr
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N4203BK FR

4203 black fr material
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N4203WH FR

4203 white fr material
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500 black fr material
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1250 white material
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1250 black material
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367 black fr
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