Safety netting systems are ideal for single and gravity-flow racks in warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing environments.

Key Applications:

• Front of rack
• Back of rack
• End of rack
• Horizontal
• Flue Spaces

Vertical Rack Guard
Vertical, fixed rack netting protects the back of the rack, the flue space, and the end of racks.

Horizontal Rack Guard
Horizontal Rack Guard is installed under drive-in, push back, and pallet flow areas to catch and contain fallen items and/or personnel.

Pair InCord Horizontal Rack Guard with non-porous Spillex™ for optional liquid and fine particle containment.

Elevating Rack Guard Systems

InCord Elevating Rack Guard (ERG) is an actuating system designed to guard and allow access to the same side of a rack. Easy one-person pull cord operation to open or close from the ground floor. Can be configured to open either at top or bottom of the rack bay. This system is expandable from single bay to multi-bay using shared components.

WebNets™ for Rack Guarding

WebNets provide a custom, high-tension netting system wherever minimal deflection is required. The WebNet system is available in two configurations: flush-mount or offset. The flush mount option includes integrated straps that wrap around beams and uprights and can be hand-tensioned. The offset option allows clearance for larger products and pallets while still protecting against product falls and maintaining flue space. Tailored termination options ensure correct fit and fastening for your application. Available with optional mesh liner.

**NEW** Sliding Rack Guard Systems

The Sliding Rack Guard (SRG) opens and closes while sliding along two horizontal guide cables. The Sliding Rack Guard system provides both full or partial access.

The InCord Advantage:

  • No inventory investment required
  • Products are custom manufactured for your project
  • Deep understanding of your business & your needs
  • Superior market, product and application knowledge with decades of industry experience


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