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Team up with our Home & Garden Netting Experts and let us custom fabricate a single net or multiple nets, to help with your next project. With all our commercial-grade materials at your disposal, we can create the perfect solution for the garden, around the yard, farm and ranch, your pets, or the house. InCord has a wide variety of decorative netting, fencing, shade netting, and loft nets to help with home improvement projects, building a recreational area or simply the retreat of your dreams.

Setting the benchmark with exceptional design and durability and backed by a 25+ year gold standard reputation that includes renowned customer service and lead times, we invite you to explore all that InCord has to offer.

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Let InCord configure your netting, hardware, and attachment options to remove the guess work and create an unforgettable experience.


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    Home & Garden Testimonials

    Thank you so much for your assistance, you were wonderful. Thanks for making it happen.


    Marcus helped guide us in ordering netting to place between the various sections of our “open floor space” rooms. Easy to set up. Easy to put away when done. Dogs could see thru the netting, but understand that they were being asked to stay in the stone-floor room, keeping all wetness (from wet paws) there. Easy to put away until our next need for it!

    Judy (Pet Netting)

    Around 2002 or so, we ordered the heavier netting to surround a deck on the 2nd story of my husband’s art studio, located above the garage. Our insurance co. accepted this as railing for our deck, & the netting w/piers looks so much nicer than a wooden railing would!

    Mark & Judy (Home Fencing and Barrier Nets)

    I appreciate you helping me out on this. I will definitely keep ordering from you. Thanks for the great customer service.

    David (GA)

    Thanks again, it came out great! The net (M-1250 with ProManila) was better than I expected and your recommendation for the fence staples was a great touch. I can’t wait for the kids to start enjoying it!

    Lucas (NY)

    Just wanted to let you know we received the rope panels and they look great! Thank you so much for all your help.