Protect Roof Workers Easily

InCord Skylight Nets are a cost-effective, portable way to protect personnel performing roof work. Lightweight and durable, nets install quickly by fitting over skylights and hatch openings using adjustable strapping cinched with ratchets. Skylight Nets are designed for raised lip skylights or hatch openings that have a minimum 2-inch vertical lip surface. Easily reposition to ensure the safety of workers and comply with OSHA regulations and requirements.


InCord Skylight Nets
InCord Skylight Nets
InCord Skylight Nets

Maximum skylight size* for each stock net size:
• Net: 7’ x 7’ Max Size: 68” x 68”
• Net: 7’ x 10’ Max Size: 68” x 104”
• Net: 10’ x 10’ Max Size: 104” x 104”
*Size measured from outside of curb on both sides.