Indoor Netting Applications

New Netting

InCord is the North American affiliate of HUCK, the top sports netting manufacturer in the European Union. Combining our custom netting expertise and experience with Huck’s resources we can supply you with netting for every sport—including basketball netting, soccer netting, tennis netting, volleyball netting, lacrosse netting, shot put & discus netting, slappyball netting and badminton netting.

Custom Goal Netting

Show your sports team’s colors while providing uncompromising performance with InCord custom goal netting. Sized and built to your goal frame with several color options, we’ll make your sports team look as good as they play.

Replacement Indoor Sports Netting

In addition to new construction netting, InCord can also design custom sports netting to existing structures and spaces to renew what you already have or add new, facility-enhancing netting solutions.

Perimeter Netting

Protect people and property and prevent game interference with perimeter sports netting systems designed to suit your needs. From single panels to complete sports netting enclosures, InCord can provide the right protection, no matter the sport.

Retractable Dividers

Motorized or manual walk-draw style, InCord gym and field divider nets can increase facility versatility and keep activities from interfering with each other. Divider nets are custom configured and built for systems new or old.

Ceiling Netting

Protect lights, ducts and other property features from the hazards of sports. Stray balls or pucks can damage property aloft, causing dangerous debris such as glass to fall onto athletes and spectators below. InCord has a wide range of custom sports netting options to match your activities and maximize protection above the sports field or court.

Netting Above Dasher Boards

Facilities with seating above and behind the dasher boards should have protective netting to help keep debris off the field and keep the game out of the stands. InCord sports netting can be custom fit to your facility to offer maximum protection. From soccer to the high-speed action of hockey, InCord sports netting is a solution you can trust.

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These are the most common materials used for Indoor applications. Browse all available materials here.



371 black fr material
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301 black fr
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N4203BK FR

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N4203WH FR

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500 black fr material
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1250 black material
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1250 white material
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dnr800 white fr material
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dnr900 black fr material
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