Our Products Create Your Vision

The InCord Theatre Division is proud to offer custom netting and rope solutions for scenery and theming applications. These versatile products provide unique visual appeal on-stage or in event spaces, indoors or out. Make your show pop with some of our custom netting and rope options.

Scenic Netting Applications

Theatrical Rope Nets

InCord custom theatrical rope nets are interactive scenic elements which can be incorporated into a performance. Designed for climbing, swinging or walking, and made to any size or shape, the creative possibilities are endless. Hand-woven from either high-strength polyester rope or ProManila Ultra II, cargo style rope nets from InCord are built for repeat performances. The safe and reliable construction can withstand multiple performers at once, giving choreographers the freedom to use netting as their canvas.

ProManilla Ultra™ Synthetic Rope

InCord’s ProManila Ultra is a synthetic rope, designed to mimic the look and feel of natural Manila rope; ideal for your next nautical or pirate-themed production. This polyolefin fiber rope offers tremendous load bearing capacity compared to natural rope and won’t deteriorate over time.

Trellis Lighting Nets

Parked cars, buildings and people are all in danger in an unprotected environment. InCord perimeter sports netting can protect people and property from stray balls from a multitude of outdoor sports. Whether it’s single panels or complete enclosures, InCord can help improve the safety of any playing area.

Installation Services and Site Surveys

To best evaluate the specific needs of your stage and orchestra pit, InCord provides onsite survey as well as installation services for a complete, turn-key experience.

ANSI Fall Prevention Standards

The latest ANSI Standard for the Prevention of Falls from Theatrical Stages and Raised Performance Platforms outlines the need for any theatre to have a comprehensive safety plan. Get in touch with InCord for help bringing
your theatre into compliance.

Scenic Netting Materials