Sustainable solutions for custom nets and ropes.

At InCord, we respect our planet and stress environmentally friendly business practices. We believe in reaching a balance between business and the environment with the daily decisions that we make. InCord is a sustainable energy contributor and an advocate of green policy initiatives.

InCord Sustainability and Green InitiativesInCord’s diverse sustainability initiatives include a 120 kW solar electric system and a post production materials recycling program. The main office and factory building use efficient lighting and energy saving HVAC and the facility grounds are landscaped to make the best use of shade and water. This is in addition to internal social changes that make conservation a daily way of doing business.

InCord continues to make progress with energy saving upgrades as well as efficient use of time and work flow. An investment in emerging technologies such as solar voltaic electric has enabled an increased level of energy independence. This type of investing is not only responsible social practice, its responsible business. Green supply chain purchasing reinforces our own sustainable policies in a broad reaching way. Encouraging others to follow our examples adds a cumulative impact by making ever-changing improvements to the world around us.

Sustainable Solar Electric Power Generation at InCord
InCord turned away from the electric utility grid in the spring of 2013 and emerged as their own producer of sustainable electric power with simply and literally the throw of a switch.

Over the winter of 2012, the company installed 504 Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels on their south facing roof. In just three short months the matrix of panels were installed, inspected and switched on. The PV solar electric system produces enough energy to meet 90 percent of the company’s yearly energy needs and 100 percent of all electric usage.

The new system actually generates more electric power than InCord can use. Working in reverse flow, the electric utility
purchases all surplus electric through the same power lines previously used by InCord to purchase power.

InCord’s sustainability vision is to do our small part to improve the global ecosystem and to foster healthy living with no negative impact of our own.