InCord Catwalk Netting Contains & Protects

High above the house or stage, catwalks can be both a fall hazard and an origin of falling objects. InCord has responded to the concerns of lighting and stage technicians with a netting solution to help mitigate danger for theatre personnel working above and below, enhancing safety and boosting crew confidence.

InCord custom-fabricated barrier nets for catwalks are designed to effectively contain objects and protect personnel while preserving easy access to equipment and electrical systems. When necessary, hatchways, cutouts, and access doors with hook and loop closures can be integrated into the net panels to ensure access to equipment at specific spots along the catwalk.

Attachment is determined by the style and dimensions of your catwalk. Whether the net is attached to only the existing structure, or if steel cable framing is needed, no permanent modification to the catwalk is required.

The latest ANSI Standard for the Prevention of Falls from Theatrical Stages and Raised Performance Platforms outlines the need for any theatre to have a comprehensive safety plan. Get in touch with InCord for help bringing
your theatre into compliance.

Installation Services and Site Surveys

To best evaluate the specific needs of your stage and orchestra pit, InCord provides onsite survey as well as installation services for a complete, turn-key experience.

Catwalk Netting Materials