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Keeping the action on stage where it belongs, InCord Orchestra Pit Nets (OPNs) are custom built to provide vital protection for virtually any size or shape orchestra pit. Recognized across North America as an essential component of stage safety, InCord’s OPN is primarily constructed of black, knotless high tenacity polypropylene (HTPP) material, which has been tested to meet or exceed OSHA and ANSI standards and is visually non-distracting.

Take a moment to view our video showcasing the benefits of InCord’s Orchestra Pit Safety Netting Systems, which includes discussion of pre-installation planning as well as details on the installation process.

Additional product information is available by viewing our Orchestra Pit Safety Product Information Sheet (PDF)

Tensioned Web Orchestra Pit Net

InCord now offers a Tensioned Web Orchestra Pit Net, ideal for shallow orchestra pits or any pit that requires minimal net deflection. By integrating individually tensioned web straps within the OPN in a custom configuration, Tensioned Web OPNs can dramatically reduce fall deflection, offering heightened protection to both stage participants and the personnel and equipment within the pit. Get in touch with us about this exciting new development.

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Installation Services and Site Surveys

To best evaluate the specific needs of your stage and orchestra pit, InCord provides onsite survey as well as installation services for a complete, turn-key experience. If you wish to measure your orchestra pit yourself, please follow the instructions here for a straight stage, or here for a bowed stage.

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Additional Theatre Products

InCord can also create custom netting systems to protect openings created by stage lifts, elevators, trap doors, and risers as well as fall protection around catwalks, rigging and other elevated equipment. InCord custom netting also provides thematic elements to both stage and overall theatre décor. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help ensure your entire stage and house operation run smoothly and safely.

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