Spaces where people can gather, hold events, and engage with their community present unique design and safety challenges. InCord offers a wide range of products to meet your specifications. 

Rope or net fencing can be used as permanent or temporary borders to direct pedestrian traffic flow. Bridges and suspended walkways add excitement and interest without sacrificing ground space. Art installations and aesthetic structures like lounge nets spark imaginations and engage visitors. 

Our experienced team of engineers is proud to partner with landscape architects to bring your project to life.
Let InCord configure your netting, hardware, and attachment options to remove the guess work and create an unforgettable experience. InCord specializes in the science of netting and integrates it into any setting – indoors or out. Our custom work and attention to detail create an environment that is innovative, timeless, and above all safe. Using advanced design tools, our engineering team works with you to create the solution you are looking for- no matter the project.

With state-of-the-art programs like SOLIDWORKS Composer, we are able to provide customized installation and maintenance instructions for turnkey projects. Integrate InCord CAD models into your own design files to complete your 3D renderings and impress your clients.

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    Art Installations

    Immersive, site-specific installations that feature InCord rope and netting to create an environment to engage and delight the public. We partner with designers, builders, architects, and artists to bring their vision for interactive art to life.

    Rope & Netting Decor

    Woven rope and net elements offer a unique and aesthetically intriguing approach to  decor and sound dampening for large spaces. Work with talented fiber artisans and make your space leave a lasting impression on visitors and guests.

    Custom Fencing & Barriers

    When you think of protection, safety and crowd management, you should be thinking of InCord rope and barrier netting systems. They are sturdy, reliable, and can fit any theme or play area design. Rope netting and net fences keep people safe and help direct people where they ought to go.

    Cargo Climbing Nets

    Cargo Rope and Nets from InCord provide a versatile solution for children to engage with elements in a comfortable, dependable, and safe environment. InCord creates Cargo Climbing Nets that are ideal for your specific theme, design, and climate.

    Bridge, Tunnels, Walkways

    We offer all kinds of bridges – from Burma style V-bridges to suspension bridges with walkways of wood or synthetic lumber. Our customers find these bridges are durable and long lasting, in general use and even in the challenging environment of waterparks. Additionally, suspension bridges often offer significant economic advantages over more conventional bridge construction, while minimizing the impact and footprint on the area to be bridged.

    Lounge Nets

    Create a new space with InCord custom lounge nets and hammocks. Custom lounge nets add a comfortable and unique expansion to your space that can be used for relaxation and enjoyment. You can take advantage of existing structural components within your space, or our design team can assist with a plan to add the necessary installation components, indoors or out.

    Shade Netting

    InCord nets create a perfect solution for numerous projects around your house, garden, garage, farm or shop and are available in a variety of styles, colors and sizes to meet just about any do-it-yourself need. From a garden trellis to a sunshade, we’ll get in gear to find the right netting and design for your unique project.

    Dock Nets

    Enjoy and relax with the comfort of nets from your backyard dock, outdoor deck or boat with InCord’s Dock Nets. Custom designed to create an environment that is innovative, timeless, and safe. InCord nets are proven to hold up to the harsh environments. Our materials are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards.


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      Let InCord configure your netting, hardware, and attachment options to remove the guess work and create an unforgettable experience.