Meredith Headshot
InCord Owner & CEO

Meredith Shay

"You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart."


Leadership, Compassion, Innovation

Meredith Ritz Shay's impact on InCord and the safety netting industry is undeniable. Her journey from an entry-level position to CEO is a testament to her determination, resilience, and visionary leadership. As she continues to lead InCord into the future, Meredith's legacy will be one of transformation, growth, and excellence.

Meredith Ritz Shay

A Trailblazer in the Industry

Meredith's impact on InCord has been nothing short of transformative.

Under her leadership, the company has achieved unprecedented growth and success, solidifying its position as an industry leader. Meredith's strategic vision and innovative thinking have set new standards for excellence, inspiring her team to reach new heights.

Commitment to Employee Well-being

One of Meredith's core beliefs is that employees are the heart of any organization.

She is deeply committed to ensuring that InCord's employees are not only valued but also empowered to excel. Meredith's focus on employee well-being and development has created a positive and inclusive company culture, where everyone feels valued and respected.

Driving Sustainable Growth

Meredith is a firm believer in sustainable growth, preferring a "slow burn" approach that ensures long-term success.

Her strategic leadership has enabled InCord to achieve steady and sustainable growth, setting it apart from competitors. Meredith's focus on sustainable growth has been instrumental in shaping InCord's future and ensuring its continued success.

A Visionary Leader

Meredith's leadership style is characterized by her ability to inspire and motivate others.

She leads by example, showing compassion and empathy in all her interactions. Meredith's commitment to excellence and innovation has earned her recognition both within and outside the industry, solidifying her reputation as a visionary leader.

Meredith Volunteering with Middlesex Habitat for Humanity, a yearly charitable tradition for InCord and its employees

From left to right: Niece Ana Ritz, sister and InCord Owner Robin Ritz, and Meredith Shay accepting the Hartford Business Journal Family Business Award

Meredith standing on InCord Work Platform Netting at InCord's on-site test frame

Meredith and Robin at the groundbreaking Ceremony for InCord's newest production facility at 76 Upton Road

Meredith’s Involvement in Community and Manufacturing

Meredith Shay is recognized as a compassionate mentor and a sought-after thought leader in her field.

She is often invited to speak at prestigious events where her insights inspire and shape future discussions. Meredith Shay actively participates in various committees and advisory boards, dedicating her time to initiatives that uplift and empower local organizations. At the same time, she is deeply involved in her community, using her expertise to develop forward-thinking strategies that benefit both her company and the wider professional landscape.

Rep. Kate Farrar, D-West Hartford, speaks to reporters and advocates Thursday, March 28, 2024, about providing more support for childcare in the state through HB 5002. Credit: Jamil Ragland / CTNewsJunkie