Sliding Net Solutions

BayNets Service Pit Safety System is a sliding net systems that adds an enhanced level of safety to any vehicle service facility by protecting personnel from injury caused by accidental tripping, slipping or walking into an open pit. If your facility has service pits, you must comply with OSHA regulations by regularly using a protective covering or guard to prevent dangerous falls into the pit. Using BayNets™ systems makes your workplace safer, and can boost productivity.

BayNets is easily adaptable to rail, bus and virtually any commercial fleet maintenance facilities. With its non-snag, easily retracted system, the pit can be open and closed from either end of the bay.

Safety Netting Applications

Automotive Maintenance

BayNets™ for bus and rail are custom designed for extra width and length as well as for partitions, crossover areas and multiple bay access entry.

Bus & Rail Maintenance

The next generation of Personnel Safety Netting is here with Atlas Knotless PSN™.

Truck Maintenance

Working on big rigs can pose big dangers if mechanics work in and around open bay pits. .

BayNets™ Testimonials

Just letting you know that we installed the pit net system we received. Installation was straight forward and simple and the net fit perfectly. It looks great and operates as we expected. I am pleased with this purchase and would recommend this product to others. Thanks for your help.