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BayNets™ sliding net Service Pit Safety System adds an enhanced level of safety to vehicle service facilities by protecting personnel from injury caused by accidental tripping, slipping, or walking into an open pit.

BayNets Systems are made for cars, buses, trucks, trains, and all fleet maintenance facilities. The system is easily adaptable to rail, bus, or commercial fleet maintenance facilities and can be customized to fit any bay. BayNets™ for bus and rail is custom-designed for extra width and length and for partitions, crossover areas, and multiple bay access entries. With its non-snag, quickly retracted system, a pit can be accessed from either end of the bay.

If your facility has service pits, you must comply with OSHA regulations by regularly using a protective covering or guard to prevent dangerous falls into the pit. By using a BayNets system, your workplace is safer, and you can increase productivity.

For over 25 years, BayNets has been a trusted system used by Jiffy Lube, Penske Truck, NY City Transit, Amtrak, and so many others.




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