Your own private paradise.

Outdoor areas can provide endless opportunities for custom spaces. Maximize your backyard’s potential by creating tailored, one-of-a-kind structures featuring InCord rope and netting. Whether it’s a guest house, tiny home, art studio, treehouse, or playscape, InCord works with you to design and install unique extensions to your living space. Our professional connections with high-end custom builders make bringing your backyard build dreams a breeze.  

Endless opportunity for creativity.

Bridges, fencing, shade nets and barrier nets add interest and safety to your project.

Pond Nets

Plan on adding a serene pond to sit nearby? Our pond netting makes maintenance easy. Keep debris and predators from disturbing fish and vegetation. Netting installs quickly and easily stores when not in use. Our materials are meant to last for years outdoors. UV and moisture-resistant materials are ideal additions for so many different backyard designs.  

Shade Nets

Shade your deck or patio so you can enjoy more time outdoors. We provide shade nets in a variety of colors and densities. Hanging lights adds a new level of ambiance and allows for gathering or relaxing into the evening hours.  

Fencing & Barriers

Use fencing to create whimsical pathways throughout your property. Make your backyard feel like a botanical getaway. Netting contains vegetation and adds the opportunity for installing solar lights along posts or fairy lights strung along through the net weaves.

Vertical Gardening

Trellis netting can be used to add charm to climbing and trailing plant areas. A vertical garden offers a whole new dimension to your landscaping, looks natural, and is easily mended or replaced when necessary. 

Loft Nets & Hammocks

Add a comfortable place to ‘hang’ with custom loft nets and hammocks that can be installed between trees or to custom-built structures. We provide commercial-grade attachment options that keep your suspended sanctuary safe and secure. 


Whether you have a beautiful water feature to cross or a treehouse perched high in the branches, InCord designs custom suspension bridges to get you to your destination safely. We create bridges in a range of styles to fit your atmosphere. We also provide eco-friendly treads for bridges created from recycled materials. From concept to completion, InCord can take your vision to new heights.

Outdoor play is essential. 

Encourage outdoor play by adding cargo climbing nets, treehouses and bridges. Add a NetPlay USA (an InCord company) Bird’s Nest Swing or Adventure Course structure to provide hours of play without having to pack up for the local playground. Whatever your needs, InCord has the solution, the connections and the creative vision to bring your dream backyard to reality. 

Expert design with your vision in mind.

Partner with our expert design team to develop a custom installation plan to include all the necessary components for any garden netting your space needs. Install easily using our detailed instructions and drawings or let our experts do it for you. InCord has everything you need to turn your garden into your own personal oasis.

Custom Backyard Build Solutions