Loft Nets and Hammocks - The Perfect Place to Relax, Take a Nap,

Read a Good Book or Just Enjoy Nature.

Create a new space with InCord custom loft nets and hammocks. InCord Play offers netting and design for custom loft nets or hammocks to add a comfortable and unique expansion to your usable space for relaxation and enjoyment. You can take advantage of existing structural components within your home, or our design team can assist with a plan to add the necessary installation components for a loft or hammock net, indoors or outdoors.

Add a comfortable, unique addition to any area with InCord’s custom loft nets and hammocks. You can easily can take advantage of existing structural components within your home or create an outside area that can be enjoyed for many seasons to come. It is more important than ever to take time to recharge and refocus.
InCord Tiny Home Loft Net
Photo Credit: Michael Ferrante

“Check out our before and after pictures of our Tiny House loft hammock! It worked out great.”

-Michael Ferrante

Elevate your design.


Our custom-crafted loft nets take your space and add specialty and distinction. All of our loft net systems are designed with your safety as our top priority. Our materials are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards. The durability of InCord nets means you can enjoy your uniquely crafted space for years to come.

Let InCord turn your dream space into a reality.

InCord Hammock Loft Lounge Net by Lake

Relax in style.


InCord lounge net materials are designed to be resistant to moisture, chlorine, and UV sunlight. With our marine grade, stainless steel attachment options your personal oasis will last season after season. Install dock nets at private residences, clubs, resorts, marinas. Double stacked and durable lounge nets add a safe, comfortable addition to any waterfront location.
InCord Dock Net

InCord Dock Nets

Upgrade your staycation with luxury loft nets suspended over water. Marine grade attachment options and UV/mildew resistant netting are a winning combination.

InCord Dock Lounge Loft Hammock Net

Custom Engineered


Our expert designers and engineers work directly with you to find the perfect solution to your netting needs. You don’t have to go beyond your own back yard to create a private hideaway. Even a home office can become your own personal escape with our distinctive loft nets. InCord provides you with everything you need to install your custom loft net yourself. High-quality hardware and easy to follow instructions make it simple. Not interested in DIY? Let our experienced installers do the work for you.

Attachment Options

InCord offers a range of stylish attachment options for your loft net project. Lashing bars, stainless steel eyebolts, screws, shackles, industrial-grade quick links, and more.
Contact an InCord netting expert directly for detailed specs and to determine the best hardware and material for your project.
InCord Loft Lounge Hammock Net Lashing Bar Attachment Hardware

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