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July 2021

InCord Offers Custom Fencing Solutions for a Variety of Applications

InCord offers custom fencing solutions for a variety of applications. When you think of protection, safety, and crowd management, think InCord rope and fencing systems. They are sturdy, reliable, and can fit any new construction or existing area.

InCord’s fence netting includes a variety of colors in high tenacity poly­propylene and polyester. We also offer a variety of ropes (1/4″ to 1-1/4″) including ProManila, polyester, and polypropylene. All are long-lasting and UV stabilized.

Quality crafted, commercial-grade rope and netting mean superior durability and safety that can be enjoyed for many years to come. Our products are designed and built right here in the USA. Local craftsmanship means total quality control, fast turnaround, and expert customer service – no matter the size of the project.

About InCord

InCord, founded in 1995, is North America’s largest manufacturer of custom safety netting and a 10-year recipient of the Top Workplace in Connecticut. InCord provides custom netting solutions for Material Handling, Construction, Amusement, Sports, Theatre, Service Pits (BayNets™), Specialty, and Environmental/Ecological Restoration markets. InCord’s custom solutions meet or exceed applicable safety standards due to consistent research, testing, and direct involvement with renowned safety organizations, such as ANSI, OSHA, and ASTM. InCord also offers in-house design, installation, and extraordinary customer service for a complete, turn-key experience. InCord is a women-owned company.