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Featured Project: Flat Rock Park, North Carolina


The Partnership

When InCord teamed up with ingenious designers and fabricators Beanstalk Builders, the result was a park that amazed and delighted kids and adults alike. Beanstalk Builders’ uses natural elements to focus on wellness and mental development through play. InCord has been dedicated to the concept of safe, custom netting solutions for over 25 years. When presented with an opportunity to partner with Beanstalk, they were thrilled to collaborate on this innovative project. This emphasis on inclusive play made for a synergistic partnership with InCord.

The Park

Flat Rock Park, situated on a vast 66-acre former golf course, is as picturesque and inviting as parks come. The largest element of the playground is the ‘Giant’s Sky Hammock’, a sprawling InCord cargo net suspended across the play structure’s main and upper level. The huge net can be walked, bounced, and played upon with confidence by visitors while activity and spectating can happen below. Parents cheer their kids on, as kids gain confidence and agility by experimenting with their movements.  For the less experienced, looser spaced netting surrounds the sides of the structure, providing a secure place to grip. Other InCord elements around the park include cargo climbing nets, a Netform crawling tunnel and swinging ropes.

“My kids loved this playground! So unique. We went two days in a row because they loved it so much…”-NY22, TripAdvisor Reviewer

Creating Memories for Everyone

The overall aesthetic of the park is stunning. The naturalistic elements Beanstalk uses in their designs make the entire park feel organic and welcoming. The distinctive elements are not only beautifully designed, but also offer opportunities for activity and fitness for people of any ability. The wide, ADA compliant ramps and wheelchair accessible swing are just a couple of engaging elements among many that give differently-abled park goers a whole new play experience.

Inclusion & Innovation

Recent studies have shown that outdoor play among older populations has just as large an impact for mood and mental wellness as it does for the young. Not only does playing outside allow children to gain appreciation for the natural world but it helps them develop social skills negotiation skills. Children should be active for an hour every day, getting outside and visiting playgrounds like Flat Rock Playground is a great way to achieve this.

The soft, sloping angles of the park and myriad of ramps grant elderly visitors the opportunity to explore the structures whether as companions to their younger counterparts or alone. Strengthening the bond between children and their caretakers with their environment is the holistic goal of modern parks and playgrounds. Flat Rock park achieves this connection in an elegant and innovative way.

Amazing Results

With their philosophies both centered on safe, wholesome play experiences, the partnership between InCord and Beanstalk Builders resulted in a truly one-of-a-kind play destination. Check out more amazing work by Beanstalk Builders, including additional photos and videos from Flat Rock Park here:

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Robin Ritz

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