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How To: Netting Maintenance

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InCord Play has been producing custom netting and rope components for waterparks, amusement parks, and attraction crafters for more than twenty years. Seeing just about everything over the years, we understand the value of a park in top notch condition and the cost when something goes wrong. We want to share our knowledge with you on how to spot and mitigate problems to help you get the most out of your netting investment.

Quinn McKenna, Sales Manager, Aquatic Netting “Keeping up with your park’s netting not only looks good, it also keeps guests safe and prevents safety shut-downs. If you have to close an attraction, that can mean lost revenue.”

Our netting experts are here for you

InCord offers a site survey service; an in-person inspection of your park’s netting by an InCord Field Service Representative. InCord Play compiles the data into an organized reference guide of your park’s netting for you to keep. The report includes a photo, description, materials, and estimated replacement cost for each netting element. “That’s where the site survey really helps” says McKenna “it helps you write a budget for netting, so you know how much it’s going to cost and allows you to plan for it”.

InCord Play hopes that the more knowledgeable the customer is, the longer netting will last and will be replaced in a responsible timeframe. This helps give your park a high rating and keeps guests coming back.

Customers count on InCord

About InCord

InCord has been North America’s largest manufacturer of custom safety netting for over 20 years and is a 9-year recipient of the Top Workplace in CT award by FOX CT and The Hartford Courant. InCord provides custom netting solutions for Material Handling, Construction, Amusement, Sports, Theatre, Service Pits (BayNets™), Specialty, and Environmental/Ecological Restoration markets. InCord’s custom solutions meet or exceed applicable safety standards due to consistent research, testing and direct involvement with renowned safety organizations, such as ANSIOSHA, and ASTM. Green Bureau Certified Platinum.

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